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What do we do exactly?

rExpand Nationally
This is land where we were born. We should accept bad or good things from our land. Nevertheless we have to try to make it better place to live and work. Indonesia contains many islands. As a developing country we need to develop our infrastructure. Although we know that we are step behind even from our closest neighbor, this does not mean that we stop to struggle. We should take this as our greatest challenge to step further. Our company put highest priority on this matters.

rGo International
We are now in globalization era. The era when free competition is perfectly legal. We see this condition as a large opportunity for construction business worldwide. We put our first International Breakthrough by establishing a company in Abu Dhabi by the name of Abdi Mulia Berkah Construction, LLC. This is the chance when we should put all our strength together to go to International Construction Business. This is the time to proof that our manpower is tested to work in all conditions, effectively and efficiently. We are trying all the best we have for the satisfaction of our International Customers.

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Asuransi Puri Asih | 14/04/11

saya mau menawarkan project pembangunan hotel dan apartemen di bogor nilai 181M dan di back up bank jabar. contact person rusdy 0817179326

rusdy | 05/07/10

Kepada segenap Stakeholder Abdi Mulya Berkah, saya ucapkan Selamat dan Sukses atas perkembangan bisnisnya hingga saat ini.
Di saat perusahaan konstruksi lain hanya sanggup bertahan di masa krisis, justru AMB mengembangkan bisnis hingga ke luar negeri.Ide dan Kreativitas yang tidak pernah hilang dari AMB.
Saya merasa bangga pernah menjadi bagian dari AMB dan mendapat banyak pelajaran ketika pernah bekerja di AMB.
Walaupun sekarang saya sudah tidak di AMB lagi, namun di perusahaan sekarang tetap berhubungan dengan AMB. Semoga saya dapat berhubungan lebih dekat lagi dengan AMB. Semoga Abdi Mulia Berkah semakin Jaya dan tetap Berkah. Amin.
Salam hangat,


ENRICO ANNAS | 15/07/09

dengan semangat dan kebersamaan yang solid,keberhasilan pasti akan kita dapatkan.

Arif | 12/06/09

congratulation for survailance audit ISO 9001:2000 with no non-conformace finding.

Go Sucess for AMB..

novee | 01/09/08

With moslem spirit this company more bigger, better and will be the best.

Helmi Manggala | 20/02/08

Abdi Mulia Berkah
"Look at The Future Always..."

novee | 10/12/07

I'been joining this big company for a couple of months,great team works come out with a very coersive discipline,bright future ahead.thanks chief for letting me join the team!

syafiq | 04/12/07

Pray us good luck for this company to be big and strong...

Asad | 03/12/07

This company has a power and a big profesionality, thanks for being us as a work team.


Jawaad | 28/09/07

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